Resolving B1BC – Business One Branch Consolidation

Growing organizations that control more than one legal business entity are sometimes faced with the challenge of how to share data between partner companies. The need for homogeneous and harmonized standardized processes that can create visibility across partner companies and operations is often a daunting task for companies. A greater concern is the need to improve control and collaboration across all partner companies. The B1BC Solution helps address these needs and more.

The B1BC Solution is a Financial Consolidation Software for SAP Business One which runs on top of B1if.

The Solution enables businesses to manage intercompany transactions for more than one company within a group of companies by automatically replicating corresponding transactions across multiple company databases. Automating the replication of such transactions significantly reduces the amount of end user effort and manual rekeying of data to maintain intercompany trading financial statements.

More than that this Financial Consolidation Software for SAP Business One allows generation of consolidated financial statements considering all group companies. Financial statements like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss statement, Trial Balance report, etc are non-customized, standard SAP Business One report to maintain consistency of layout and authenticity of data.

Designed to empower a company with critical financial insight, the B1BC solution integrates partner companies for both operational as well as power users.

Industry Needs Delivery Benefits
Data and content sharing between partner companies
  • Master Data Replication across partner companies providing single and unified view of data across all companies
Homogeneous and harmonized processes
  • InterCompany Trade between partner companies
  • G/L Allocation for expenses & incomes
  • Centralized payments
Visibility over operations across partner companies
  • InterCompany Inventory in Warehouse Report
  • Consolidated Balances by Business Partner
  • Branch Balances Report
  • Unposted Transaction Report
  • Remote Query Execution
  • Financial Consolidation
Improves control and collaboration
  • InterCompany Workflow
  • InterCompany Transaction Log
  • InterCompany Message Log
  • Business Transaction Notifications (Alerts)
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Multi-Instance Support
  • Currency Exchange Rates

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CitiXsys provides application integration services to large corporations with SAP ERP having subsidiaries, vendors and associated companies running SAP Business One.

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Few companies using B1i Framework

Supply chain management applications (for managing inventory and shipping), customer relationship management applications (for managing current and potential customers), business intelligence applications (for finding patterns from existing data from operations), and other types of applications (for managing data such as human resources data, health care, internal communications, etc) typically cannot communicate with one another in order to share data or business rules. For this reason, such applications are sometimes referred to as islands of automation or information silos. This lack of communication leads to inefficiencies, wherein identical data are stored in multiple locations, or straightforward processes are unable to be automated.

Enterprise application integration (EAI) is the process of linking such applications within a single organization together in order to simplify and automate business processes to the greatest extent possible, while at the same time avoiding having to make sweeping changes to the existing applications or data structures. In the words of the Gartner Group, EAI is the “unrestricted sharing of data and business processes among any connected application or data sources in the enterprise.”

B1i Framework is the only integration framework with SAP Business One DI Adapter and integrates seamlessly SAP Business One with any application. CitiXsys is the leader of B1i integration services with largest number of B1i consultants globally engaged in several projects.