Omnichannel Retailing


The retail market is changing at the fastest pace in its history and the power really has switched to the consumer. So retailers are challenged, like never before, to maintain or grow market share and profitability. CitiXsys focuses on helping retailers excel in omnichannel retailing; however your customers want to research, reserve and buy from you.

Our flagship product, IVend Retail allows retailers to really maximize their sales and margin potential, because their customers can buy the product in so many different ways, even though the inventory they are buying may be somewhere different to them. Our omnichannel approach coupled with our single stock pool visibility particularly distinguishes us.

Business Benefits of going Omnichannel

  • Offer outstanding customer service as customers interact with the retailer in the ways that best suit them at the time.
  • Increase achieved (or maintained) margins and reduce clearance markdowns – inventory is sold at full price where there is demand (irrespective of where the inventory is) and returned items can be re-sold quickly while consumer interest is still high.
  • Take market share from other retailers that are not able to offer a true omnichannel retail experience to their customers

iVend Retail provides a better consumer experience. The system allows customers to research anywhere, buy anywhere in the most informed way possible and, if necessary, return anywhere. So the customer achieves their objectives regardless of where the inventory or they are located. Promotional incentives, gift card balances, loyalty credit and redemption are available anywhere the customer wants, which significantly improves service, convenience, loyalty and the brand experience.  Consumers really do receive a consistent brand experience irrespective of which combination of channels they use.

This means that retailers achieve more sales from the same level of inventory, even when it’s not in the same place.  They can strike the optimum balance between promotions, discounts and outstanding customer service, meaning that it need not all be about price.