Lioi manages an accurate & prompt inventory with Inventory Pro

Company: LIOI

Country: CHILE

Industry: Retail Distribution of Industrial Parts for Architecture & Construction
Located in Santiago, Chile, LIOI has the largest assortment of items such as hinges, hardware, trucks and locks. A line dedicated to the manufacture of grills and baskets for refrigerators, stoves both industrial and domestic use as well as practical household items, designed to facilitate the organization of space in kitchen, bathrooms and closets.
For the automotive industry, LIOI’s products include exhaust systems and stamped parts, serving customers such as General Motors










• Inefficient & complex order tracking and shipment status across warehouses
• Minimize warehouse inventory inaccuracies that can cause a number of inefficiencies with a solution that ensures storage & dispatch of inventory products properly on location & off location
• Seamless and deep integration with SAP® Business One
The company zeroed down on implementation of SAP Business One as an ERP solution to manage its critical business functions across sales, distribution and financials – via one unified responsive system with real time metrics & instant information.This single platform was customized to integrate and provide real time access to information instantly.
To enable synergies between multiple product lines, catered from multiple warehouses for creation of accurate inventory, they needed a warehousing application that was integrated with SAP Business One to provide important functionality required in their distribution ecosystem

Solution: Inventory Pro with SAP Business One

“Inventory Pro- main features were implemented to solve the functionality of picking, making it actually work with the reality of the

Company. It has had a good result with the application, especially with the volume of Information it can handle.”

 LIOI, Chile

Business Benefits

As a full service distributor, they now have a cost effective warehousing solution that processes sales transactions, monitors inventory movement, effectively manages order entry and integrates data in real time at their head office. In addition, Inventory Pro is a solution that confidently keeps track of orders sent to warehouse for fulfillment and shipment, & offers easy process to reconcile backorders and can contribute to future growth

 The company has realized various business benefits, since the rollout of Inventory Pro. Access to accurate real time information has enabled better supply chain planning and efficiency. As a value addition, stock positions too are easy to obtain at any given point of time at any of their warehouses, providing visibility and streamlining distribution operations. The company is well equipped and can effectively track orders in real time, manage growth and meet customer expectations for higher service levels to generate & support repeat business. Improved forecasting and enhanced visibility across the business has also helped elevate business performance providing a scalable platform that supports the company’s plan for rapid expansion.

Some other immediate benefits to LIOI were:

  • Optimize inventory allocations for maximized efficiency & complete order fulfillment
  • Unique order numbering sequence for different types of customers – Inventory Pro allows LIOI to cater this business critical requirement.
  • Comprehensive and intuitive picking and pack away process ensuring
  • Easy-to-use, scalable solution that can flexibly accommodate future expansion & demands
  • Accelerate & monitor merchandise flow efficiently through the entire Enterprise
  • Integrated Normal