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Store & POS Management

Most retailers need an end-to-end solution, which provides them a real time view of their operations with centralized control and enables them in faster decision-making. Successful retailers choose retail solutions to manage their retail operations like Loyalty Management, Promotions, Inventory Management, Inventory Planning, Business Intelligence, integration with good backend solution apart from having a great Point of Sale and Store Management. With iVend Retail, retailers get every aspect of IT needs under one roof.

Inventory is the largest investment that a retailer makes and keeping the inventory levels optimized to alleviate stock-out / over-stock situations is an area which contributes significantly to increase the bottom line – operational as well as profit margins. Ever changing customer preferences and the pace at which styles go out of vogue make it all the more challenging for the retailer to strike this delicate balance between over stock and under stock inventory levels.

Promotions Inventory Management

Effective Inventory Management: iVend Retail with iPlan allows for user configurable replenishment policies and levels for items in a store. This combined with the ability to run replenishment routines at the organization level churns out recommendations for either stock transfers from the distribution centers to the stores OR across stores OR recommendations for centralized procurement. This seemingly logical and simple routine drastically reduces the capital investment in stock and inventory holding costs.

Never Lose a Sale In a rare stock-out situation at a store: iVend Retail ensures that the customer does not go disappointed and you do not lose a sale. The application is designed keeping in mind excellent customer service and intuitive business processes. iVend POS allows for the till operator to lookup the availability of the requested item in the nearby store. A lookup in the system also provides information on items in transit. Furthermore, iVend POS allows for an order to be recorded with delivery instructions.

Cycle Counting Stock counting in a large multi store retail environment can in itself become an extremely labor intensive and time consuming exercise. Many a times a retailer relies on the sales made to derive the inventory stock positions. iVend Retail allows for flexible cycle counting policies with ability to spread stock counting process over days. Not only this, iVend Retail keeps track of the sales made during the stock counting process.

Loyalty Management Offering an excellent in-store shopping experience and one time bargain offers are not sufficient to get customers coming back again and again. Customers today expect to be rewarded for their purchases and retailers in turn want to understand and keep track of the buying patterns of their customers. iVend Loyalty offers to retailers the ability to recognize their customers by offering a platform where retailers can define and execute multiple loyalty programs and schemes. iVend Loyalty allows to configure and execute points & rewards management program with world class flexibility.

Retail Business Intelligence provides Dashboards and Analytics to users of iVend Retail. Business Intelligence (BI) is a kind of business software solution designed to use gathered data more effectively and transform it into beneficial information that can be employed to increase company’s competitiveness and visibility on a market. With associative search technology and in-memory processing, iVend Analytics gives an experience similar to Google’s instant search.

Sales Dashboard

Sales Dashboard

With your database size of hundreds of gigabytes of data, iVend Analytics – Business Intelligence for iVend Retail gives you Business Intelligence at a click of your mousepad. iVend Analytics is fully integrated with iVend retail and can be used for medium to large retailers for enterprise level BI needs. iVend Analytics dashboards and reports can be viewed on mobile devices such as iPad/iPhone or Andriod based mobile devices offering unprecedented freedom from the desktop with dynamic, interactive data analysis when and where you need it.