Vertical Solution in iVend Retail

iVend Retail helps businesses in 8 broad verticals. Retailers having a few stores to retail organizations having hundreds of stores spanning geographies can accrue business benefits by utilizing iVend Retail’s deep & seamless integration with SAP suite of business management applications.


Retailers in the Specialty Apparel Retail face an arduous challenge to keep pace with competition they face from the larger mass market retail counterparts who offer wider selection options and extremely competitive prices. Click here to read more


Fast changing fashion trends, an extremely cost sensitive consumer, stiff competition from departmental store with well-appointed shoe departments; discount shoe stores and outlets, as well as general merchandise discounters such as Wal-Mart, exert additional pressure on the footwear retailer to remain competitive. Click here to read more


With buying over the Internet and e-book readers gaining popularity an independent book store is faced with the challenge to not only increase revenue from the existing book stores, but to also retain the customer base. Click here to read more


Although actual store operations for all such stores remain broadly the same around effective in-store automation and supply chain management, each company specializes in a specific merchandizing strategy deciding what categories of goods to sell and which items to sell in the category to attract a particular customer type. Click here to read more


Specialty Retailers also face the challenge to differentiate themselves from the competition in innovative ways not solely based on competitive prices. The pressure is high to stand out with focused customer service, in store shopping experience, assortments &prices, instant suggestions to up sell & cross sell. Click here to read more


Specialty sports retailers can compete successfully by carrying a deeper product line in specialized sports, hiring experienced staff, offering repair services or by serving a local market. Click here to read more


Consumer electronics globally has outperformed all other industry verticals and has been resilient to the downturn of economy. Dynamism is inherently associated to this vertical and managing a Consumer electronics Retail Store is a challenging task. Click here to read more

Wine Shop

With a direct competition from convenience stores, grocery stores, clubs and indirectly from restaurants and bars, a small retailer is faced with an enormous challenge to not only generate revenues but also to retain customer and customer loyalty. Click here to read more