iVend Mobile POS

Experience the FUTURE of Retail


iVend Mobile POS brings the experience of iVend Retail terminal point of sale experience to Mobile Devices. This path-breaking product allows retailers to interact and transact with shoppers on the floor and process sales anywhere. iVend Mobile POS is the next generation retail offering by CitiXsys with an interactive point of sale system, combining personalized selling with instantaneous inventory look-ups, wireless payments and the powerful retail workflowspad Retail workforce could now be more productive as they can immediately create new invoices, look for customer information, key in new customer data, process gift cards, and perform inventory lookups on the shop-floor while interacting with the customer. Large retailers could use iPads as a virtual sales assistant. Sales staff in the apparel department can show customers’ matching accessories from the jewelry, shoe department – in or out of season.

Sales staff completes the sale on the spot, eliminating the need for customers to wait at the checkout line. Mobile POS is a boon for all retailers small or large during holiday and festival season, having an additional point sale to process payments anywhere ensures that a sale is not lost.

Learn to configure, install & use iVend Mobile

How does it work?

iVend Mobile POS is made available from the Apple App Store or Google Play and gets installed on the mobile device like any other App. The configuration settings which include setup of the peripherals, preferred language, printers, etc. are done on the handheld device.

User can either specify a fixed time during the day when the synchronization is to be executed OR the user can specify the synchronization frequency at which the transactional data from iVend Mobile will get synchronized to the iVend Server. The transactiona l data gets synchronized in real time whereas the updates from iVend HO server get synchronized at the defined frequency.

iVend Mobile not only works when the device is connected to the store or the HO server over a WiFi or 3G connection (on line mode) but is also designed to work even when there is no network connectivity (offline mode)

Simplifying Retail with Mobility

Empower Sales Associates

Complete sales instantly, bust queues, look-up customer data, inventory checks, process special orders on the shop-floor. Increase basket size with enhanced customer experience.

Easy to operate

iVend Mobile POS is designed keeping in mind ease-of-use. Its interactive user –interface allows itemized view of your store’s products, customers, sales, promotions and inventory

One-Stop Retail

iVend Mobile not only works when the device is connected to the store or the HO server over a WiFi or 3G connection, it is designed to work even in offline mode

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