Phone Orders

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The phone order entry module allows store admins to create orders for their customers who need assistance in placing an order. This can be handy for customers who don’t wish to register, or unable to locate the product of their choice or for large sites that uses Customer Sales Representatives to place orders over the phone, and for catalog-only sites.

iVend eCommerce Phone Orders

During the phone order process, the Customer Sales Representative will see almost exactly what the customer would see while browsing your site, with the exception of menus.

If the customer is in a pre-defined customer level (“Gold”, “Silver”, “Wholesaler”, “Reseller”, etc) enjoying special statuses like tax free, free shipping, etc.), the Customer Sales Representative will see the same products and prices they would if they were browsing the site.

The Customer Sales Representative can navigate to the products the customer wants and add them to the cart exactly as the customer would.

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