iVend Analytics

iVend Analytics leverages transactional data of your retail environment to generate context-specific detailed insight which is functional & actionable

iVend Analytics – Business Intelligence for iVend Retail utilizes cutting edge technology to offers intuitive dashboards across business functions in iVend Retail and the core accounting Business Management Application.

iVend Analytics is a set of pre-packaged, shrink wrapped Business Intelligence dashboards which seamlessly plug into iVend Retail.

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Utilizing associative search and in-memory processing, iVend Analytics converts data into meaningful and actionable information. It makes a business more competitive by enabling informed decision making well in time. iVend analytics application runs on any browser, iPhone/iPad or any Android device

Why do we need BI tools

  • Do you need an accurate view of costs, liabilities, risks involved in your business?
  • Do you find customer buying patterns haphazard and difficult to decipher?
  • Still wondering what is the right time to kick off a promotion or a campaign?
  • Still working out your supplier cost-effectiveness, and stocks at inventory?

iVend Analytics, enable today’s modern retailers to make smarter decisions to run a successful Retail Enterprise. iVend Analytics utilizes cutting edge technology and offers intuitive Dashboards across various Enterprise business functions. It is a powerful and flexible solution for significantly extending the capabilities of existing retail systems with simplification of complex analysis process.
This application gathers the business process data and transforms it into beneficial information to enable an organization’s strategic planning that aid in more informed decision making by the key stake holders in the company.

iVend Analytics allows retail organizations to get the most out of iVend Retail and backend without the risk of committing to significant investments. Its components libraries assist retailers to customize and focus on characteristics of Sales, marketing and other daily functions which increase the probability of better returns, making more effective decisions leading to:

  • Accelerated Purchasing
  • Promotion & brand selection
  • Increased Sales Volume
  • Point Earn & Burn initiative
  • Store choice and price image


iVend Analytics has built a comprehensive series of sophisticated sculpting and optimized Dashboards to provide detailed insight into essential business functions such as:

  • Pricing and promotion management
  • What-if Analysis
  • Markdowns
  • Customized Category management
  • Special price definition
  • Gross profit highlights
  • Market basket analysis
  • Customer segmentation


Why iVend Retail Analytics

  • User-centric interactivity-Pre-built template with industry-standard KPIs and focused analytics for business discovery
  • Rapid time to value- Fast deployment & configuration with your SAP infrastructure
  • Access to business data―from anywhere on the desktop or on mobile devices

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