SAP Business Suite – Upgrades and Production Support

SAP Upgrade and production support are an ongoing process in mid-range companies. Ensuring that the application landscape operates in the latest version of the business management application is an important factor in business continuity. CitiXsys focuses on upgrade services (from older versions like 4.7 to ECS 6.0+) and provides the all-too-critical post – production support.

  • SAP R3 upgrades

SAP Upgrades & Production Support include a portfolio of services, which enable clients to bring-in an Operational excellent by keeping their internal MIS system running, process streamlining and in tune with their business needs.

  • Helpdesk services

Provide guidance on SAP usage to the end users and key users within the organization. Depending on the criticality, answers are provided within stipulated timeframes.

  • BASIS administration

These include system administration for the SAP application. These require a sound knowledge of SAP internals and the underlying OS on which SAP is running. Services here would facilitate changing user rights definition, fine tuning performance, periodic backups/ restore etc.

  • Application enhancements

These would typically include the customization/ implementation of additional SAP modules, changes in existing application due to changes in business logic / legal requirements etc.

  • Version upgrades

Organizations typically upgrade their SAP versions to derive additional functionality or because SAP has discontinued the support of earlier versions. As most organizations have online MIS systems, version upgrades need to be implemented quickly with minimal disruption of operations. Because of the business continuity considerations, this service becomes very critical for the organizations.

  • Integration to other systems

This service enables organizations to procure packaged software from other sources and integrate them with their SAP system. Similarly, it helps them in connecting their system to those of their suppliers and customers to implement an extended supply chain.

  • Application rollouts

Some organizations use external consultant to implement SAP at their HO or a particular Plant. The organization plans to roll out the application to other locations using their own IT manpower/ key users.