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6 ways to succeed in retailThousands of stores in over 20 countries run iVend Retail to manage their retail operations.

Successful retailers have efficient and integrated business processes compared to their competition. Starting from the front-end cash register/ POS, back-office systems, Fulfillment Systems, Customer Loyalty System, Retail Business Intelligence, Inventory Management to Planning Engine, integrated Web Storefront and many other retail processes should talk to each other efficiently for successful retailing.

iVend suite of Retail Applications manages every aspect of retail operation. Its ability to integrate with almost any ERP & its SAP certified integration along with PCI certified security standard makes iVend retail an unparalleled retail software in the industry. Large retailers with hundreds of stores can run the entire iVend Suite of Retail Applications to become more efficient and profitable. While small retailer with 20-30 store chain can also run required iVend modules today and opt for advanced iVend modules as-and-when the retail chain grows. iVend lets you grow at your pace and helps you adopt every innovation in retail industry when you are ready.

iVend Suite of Retail Applications has following components:

iVend Retail, a PCI compliant and SAP Certified solution, is a complete Retail Management Software, seamlessly integrated with SAP suite of Business Management Applications. iVend APIs can be integrated with any other modern ERP system for back-end accounting operations.

  • How do you ensure that you are not forced to run clearance sales for the excess stocks left after the holiday season ends?
  • Does your retail staff know that the same SKU can be supplied from your other store when it runs out of stock in a particular store? Are you enabling your retail staff with meaningful and actionable information?
  • Wouldn’t you like to completely remove stock mismatch / pilferages and increase your bottom line?
  • Are you able to increase your revenue per customer by offering up-sells and cross-sells?
  • Didn’t you always want to run points & reward program for your customers?

If you can identify with these, you need iVend Retail – a complete Retail Management Application from CitiXsys designed specifically for Agile Retailers.


What is iVend Retail?

iVend Retail is an end to end Retail Management Solution that covers everything from POS to Back Office to Head Office operations. An iVend Retail setup can range from a Single Store with one POS to a complex multi-store environment with complete integration with your day to day business operations. The solution automates the entire operations, virtually eliminating paper work.

iVend Retail allows the management team at the Head Office to have complete control over data at the stores. It extends flexibility at the Head Office to setup and configure the system from one place and therefore simplifies the management of data.

iVend Retail delivers a configurable, flexible, and scalable solution that is easy to setup and implement and integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One.

iVend Retail is ideal for both high-volume retail operations and high-service specialty stores. High volume retailers will like its quick service interface. High service retailers will appreciate the many complex special order fulfillment options, customer specific pricing, flexible kit combinations, and customized, ticket-building special messaging for the POS screen.

Head office / In-Store management

iVend Retail offers complete & deep functionality both in the store and at the Head Office. It provides the store manager total control over activities within the store and at the POS. In-Store transactions are replicated to the Head Office, allowing quick decision making without delays.

The store set up in iVend Retail is managed from the Management Console enabling configuration of Retail Enterprise/Head Office (HO) and Stores. The front end user interface remains the same irrespective of the module being set up either at the Enterprise Level or at Store Level.

iVend Management Console is installed on the Enterprise/HO and at Stores to setup the master data required to transact at the POS. The Management Console interface is also used by store managers to raise purchase orders, receive goods against purchase orders / stock transfers, stock transfer shipment to other stores / distribution center, cycle counting, requisition management, label printing, etc.

iVend is fully PCI compliant and stores the credit/ debit card details in an encrypted format in database. iVend Retail also comes with an inbuilt, fully integrated Loyalty Management module which allows creation and execution of host of loyalty plans.

iVend POS

iVend POS is fast and powerful POS application with an easy to use keyboard or touch-screen user interface. iVend POS makes transactions processing error free, easy to manage and execute for any retail operations.

iVend POS contains industry-leading configuration functions in areas such as Pricing, discounts, promotions, tender types, layaways, and returns. The POS interface can be quickly configured to display exactly the information needed by POS operators. Receipts can be customized as required with graphics and logos.

Security levels can be set for POS operations thereby requiring manager override for exceptional transactions.


iVend Deployment Architecture

iVend Deployment Architecture