NRF Retail’s Big Show 2015

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Do you want to enhance retail customer’s shopping experience and maximize return on investment?

Till a few years back adoption of enterprise grade cloud applications in Retail was a myth. Majority of Retail experts argued that Cloud, at least for large retail chains with stringent requirements around data and security, would never become a scalable technology.

Times have changed with more and more retailer’s making a move to mingle web based Cloud applications with their existing store technology.

Visit CitiXsys booth #3643 to Experience iVend Retail on Cloud. Manage your complete retail chain with any Mobile device. iVend on Cloud is a platform Agnostic Cloud application with distinct advantages for forward looking retailers. A few of them are:

  • Improve speed, collaboration, and competitiveness across your entire retail chain
  • Anticipate and respond to customer needs and preferences with rapid, accurate data analysis
  • Protect your existing investments and minimize disruption with a staged journey to the cloud
  • Benefit from highly secure cloud environments and cost savings with the reliable and secure Amazon Cloud