Improved inventory visibility and product performance with iVend Retail

COMPANY : Laksala – Sri Lanka state gift & Souvenir Boutique

Country: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Industry : Specialty Retail

Partner : Pristine Solutions

Laksala is the only State owned Gift & Souvenir Boutique in Sri Lanka and was established under the National Crafts Council And Allied Institutions Act, No. 35 of 1982.

Since then Laksala has witnessed numerous changes with an ever growing list of products on sale. Today Laksala operates through 13 branches located island wide and offer the widest variety of all Sri Lankan products at a competitive price. Most importantly, Laksala enables the numerous industries that supply goods to it to stay both profitable and in business.


Download CaseStudy

Download Case Study

  • Non-integrated data management
  • Invoicing and extraction of financial data was time consuming
  • Needed a reliable retail management system with streamlined inventory view
  • Scalability of system was an issue

Laksala’s sole objective is to be a commercially viable and socially responsible marketing organization which creates opportunities for rural products to enter mega – markets. Their vision is to transform Laksala to a profit making organization within the Government sector. For this, Laksala needed an appropriate, standard and certified solution which covered the unique aspects of their organization. To effectively manage their retail, warehousing processes and accounting functions, they wanted a seamlessly integrated application.
Laksala were using a software, which included the POS system. They realized that their system had reached a threshold and had grown obsolete. The application could not integrate finance data with the operational data and could generate only elementary reports.


iVend Retail with SAP Business One

Benefits :

  • Enhanced employee efficiency with integrated back office processes
  • Complete inventory control and real-time inventory visibility
  • Synchronized data transfers between Stores & enterprise ensured accuracy across Retail operation
  • Achieved faster order processing & flexible promotion management
  • Streamlined and accurate billing process

Benefits of the newly implemented system were evident, a transparent view of the entire work data and ability to generate management information quickly were most remarkable. Management noticed some immediate benefits which are as follows -

  • Additional benefits of the system:Increase inventory turns and reduce inventory levels
  • Faster order processing led to increased customer satisfaction
  • Provide cross-channel information for efficient operational actions
  • Enable better planning and forecasting capability
  • Offer competitive retail price and promotion management

“Generally iVend is covering our POS system quite satisfactorily. Laksala expected iVend to support our sales outlets by having a fast & accurate billing system since iVend can have independent databases to each store.
Once iVend was implemented, Laksala’s customer service improved and customers were satisfied with the quick service.”

What’s new in iVend POS 6.2

Citixsys Inside Banner

Reiterating its strong commitment to continuous innovation to create profitable retailers and happy consumers, CitiXsys released a feature rich, iVend 6.2 earlier this week. This release of iVend Retail has numerous features, all aimed to extend valuable business benefits to the retailers.

This post talks about the features introduced in this release and their business benefits to retailers.

New Application Icons

iVend POS version 6.2 introduces new application icons

Management Console

Configuration Manager

Merchandise Hierarchy

Every retail organization, regardless of its size, has a merchandise hierarchy for all the goods. A Merchandise Hierarchy is a reporting structure under which sales and inventories of products are tracked and managed.

With the introduction of Merchandise Hierarchy in iVend POS 6.2, users will be able to:200by200

  1. Define multiple Merchandise Hierarchies in the system
  2. Attach more than one Merchandise Hierarchy to individual products.
  3. Top down reporting at all Merchandise Hierarchy levels

Following is an example of a typical Merchandise Hierarchy:



Forecasting or (better known as) Sales Forecasting is the process of estimating future business’s sales. A forecast is based on historical sales data and is done for a particular period of a time in the near future, usually the next calendar year. A sales forecast enables a company to make informed business decisions regarding inventory or cash flow or plan for growth.

For this reason, forecasting is a central activity in any retail operations.

Forecasting in iVend POS 6.2 provides a wide range of forecasting models with an automatic “best pick” option. The Forecast window in iVend Management Console is an intuitive interface that displays hierarchical data in a tree-like structure, allowing to work at different level of details with a simple click of the mouse. As user navigates from item to item, synchronized sections displaying graphical and tabular data are instantly updated.

Forecasts can be generated based on product, product group, product categories and merchandise hierarchy. Furthermore the forecast can be consumed in MRP calculations.

planningReplenishment Planning

Replenishment Planning functionality in iVend POS 6.2 is used to assist the purchase department make purchase orders and also assist the warehouse to suggest what needs to be transferred to the stores.

Replenishment Planning calculates gross requirements based on In Stock Quantity, open Sales Orders, open Purchase Orders, Forecasts, Stock Transfer Shipments, Stock Transfer Requests, etc. The Replenishment Planning module also takes into account predefined planning parameters such as Minimum Inventory, Minimum Order Quantity and Lead Time.

Replenishment Planning functionality can be run centrally at the iVend Enterprise or can be run at the stores. Replenishment Planning functionality makes recommendations to replenish warehouses and/or stores by purchase order documents and/or transfer order documents.

This feature will be available to customers using iVend POS as a standalone application (Unplugged) without integration to an ERP system.

iVend-Dashboards iVend Dashboards

iVend Dashboard designer allows users to create fully interactive business intelligence dashboards for a retail business. iVend Dashboard makes the complex and time consuming aspects of dashboard design a thing of the past by introducing a fully optimized drag & drop feature so users can create dashboards in record time.

The Dashboards created in iVend can be viewed either from iVend management console or in any standard browser using the iVend web viewer.

iVend Dashboards bring a whole new aspect to the reporting as users can now create interactive and drill down reports which can be viewed using a web browser.

Stock-Management-with-Handheld-Devices_iconStock Management with Handheld Devices

The Handheld module in iVend POS 6.2 allows users to manage store inventory using a handheld device running Windows Mobile OS version 6.0 or 6.5.

Following inventory transactions can be performed using the iVend-Handheld module:

  • Good Receipt PO
  • Stock Transfer
    • Shipment
    • Receipt
  • Stock Management
    • Goods Issue
    • Goods Receipt
    • Goods Return to Vendor
    • Stock Take
    • Item Lookup

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Query_builer Visual Query Builder

iVend POS 6.2 comes with a visual query builder which helps in creation of Adhoc reports using SQL queries. The functionality helps user in writing queries by selecting data tables and then linking them by using drag and drop functionality. This avoids the need for user to remember the tables and column names while designing a query. The query builder renders all SQL features, such as sub-queries and unions. Using visual query builder, queries can be saved and executed multiple times.

item-costing Item Costing

Item Costing allows a company to provide a monetary value for items that make up their inventory. Inventories are usually the largest current asset of a business, and proper measurement of them is necessary to make business decisions. With the introduction of Standard Costing in iVend POS 6.2, retailers will be able to determine product profitability and thereby make necessary decisions for their business.

This feature is available to customers using iVend POS as a standalone application (Unplugged) without integration to an ERP system.

Transaction_Server Transaction Server

Intra-store transaction processing requires all transaction data to be replicated across the retail landscape. This proves to be an unnecessary overhead especially for retailers who have large number of stores and / or have high transaction volume.

With the introduction of Transaction Server in iVend POS 6.2 it is no longer necessary to replicate the transaction data across retail stores. Transaction Server is a Web application hosted on the iVend Enterprise Server that serves transaction data to the POS via embedded web service calls. The POS at stores can lookup transactions locally from the store database and if transactions are not available locally, the transactions can be retrieved from the Enterprise Server via the Transaction Server.

Following are the key benefits of this functionality:

  1. Intra-store transaction processing does not require transactions to be replicated across the retail landscape.
  2. Reduces data bandwidth consumption.
  3. Increases the overall speed of data replication between stores.
  4. SQL Express can be used effectively at stores as data can be purged. This brings down the overall cost of deployment and maintenance.

user-interface User Interface Enhancements

iVend POS 6.2 includes several UI enhancements:

  1. Collapsible Menu Bar in iVend Management Console: Users can now collapse the Menu bar in iVend Management console that provides additional working space on the screens.
  2. Changing Captions: Users can now change label and button captions by accessing the Change Caption option from the right click menu.
  3. Validation Rules: Users can now setup following validation rules on screens accessible from the iVend Management Console. Relevant validation rules can be setup from the right click context menu.
    1. Hiding fields on screens.
    2. Making a field mandatory on screens.
    3. Specify Minimum and Maximum length for data.
    4. Specify Minimum and Maximum value for data.
    5. Specify regex pattern in which data should be entered in the field.

Fixed-Price-Promotion Fixed Price Promotion

With iVend POS 6.2, Bonus Buy promotions have been enhanced to include Fixed Price promotion type making it far more comprehensive.

With Fixed Price promotion, retailers can offer Products to customers on a Fixed Price when a certain purchase criteria is fulfilled. Some examples of Fixed Price promotions are

  • Buy product “X” and get product “Y” at a fixed price.

Buy iPhone 5 and get Plantronics Bluetooth headset for $22.

  • Buy product “X” and product “Y” at a fixed price.

Buy Canon PowerShot Camera with 4GB SanDisk Memory Card for $79.

  • Buy “N” quantity of product “X” at a fixed price.

Buy any 5 DVDs for $10 instead of their regular price.

  • Buy any “N” products from a product category/product group “X” and get a product from product category/product group “Y” at a fixed price.

Purchase 2 Shirts and 2 Trousers and Get a cap at $4

integration-with-hana iVend POS Integration with SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA

Take your business to the Next Level of performance with iVend POS 6.2 integrated to SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA.

SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA is a scalable business application with following key benefits:

  • Dramatically improved responsiveness of planning, sales, production, and financial processes
  • Faster business insight for improved decision making
  • Unmatched performance gains as more users access the software concurrently

Report Inventory Turns Report

Inventory Turns (also known as Inventory Turnover) report has been added under the reports menu in iVend Management Console. The Inventory turnover is a measure of the number of times inventory is sold or used in a time period such as a year.

A low turnover rate may point to overstocking, obsolescence, or deficiencies in the product line or marketing effort. However, in some instances a low rate may be appropriate, such as where higher inventory levels occur in anticipation of rapidly rising prices or expected market shortages.

Conversely a high turnover rate may indicate inadequate inventory levels, which may lead to a loss in business, as the inventory is too low. This often can result in stock shortages.

Purchase-Order-Authorization Purchase Order Authorization

In iVend POS 6.2 a new User Role has been added for Purchase Order authorization. Users with insufficient privileges will be able to add purchase orders in “Un-Approved” (Draft) state. Users with sufficient privileges can approve these purchase orders. Moreover a Good Receipt can only be created for “Approved” purchase orders.

Audit-log-for-Transaction-Voids Audit log for Transaction Voids

In iVend POS 6.2 a new configuration setting had been provided under the POS Profile setup to log transactions voided by the cashier.

Additionally a new report has been added to display details of Voided Transactions.

z-report Z-Report

An XML Based Z-Report has been added in iVend POS version 6.2. This Z-Report is printed from the POS on closing the till.


Stock Transfer Cancellation

With iVend POS 6.2 the Stock Transfer functionality has been enhanced to allow cancellation of Stock Transfer Shipment. A user at the Shipping Store can mark a Stock Transfer Shipment for cancellation. If the Stock Transfer is not received at the receiving location, the system will confirm the stock transfer cancellation.

User defined item codes

Customers running iVend POS 6.2 in stand alone mode will now be able to enter Item Codes manually at the iVend Enterprise.

Sales Figures on POS

The X Tape report in iVend POS 6.2 has been enhanced to display sales figures. This will enable the cashier to see the total sales done under various categories during the day. These sales figures can also be printed on the receipt.

Ability to create PO in Franchise Stores

iVend POS 6.2 enhances operations for Franchise Owned stores. A Franchise store can now create local vendors and local purchase orders.

Data purging for specific stores

Data purging feature helps the administrator to control the size of iVend database at each store. Data purging at stores are controlled centrally and is scheduled from iVend Enterprise at Head Office. Once data purge activity is scheduled from iVend Enterprise the actual data purging happens at the store when the store manager runs the End of Day routine

With iVend POS 6.2 the Administrator can now schedule the data purge activity for specific stores.

Limit items per transaction

A new configuration setting has been added under retail setting to define a limit for numbers of items per transaction. This setting is generally used in scenarios where there is a constraint on printing space in case of pre-printed stationary.

Variable support for Thermal Receipts

Thermal receipt can now support user-defined variables. This will help end users to define new variables in the receipt and perform calculations based on custom logic. This will provide a much-needed flexibility for the thermal printer users, as they now will be able to do the calculations based on the required conditions.

Health Check for iVend APIs

A new health check utility has been added to the iVend Configuration Manager to check connection to iVend APIs. This health check utility warns the user if any issues are found while making a connection to iVend APIs. This will help the user in finding the root cause for connectivity failures.

Health Check for Auto-updates

The Automatic-Updates functionality in iVend POS enables customers to receive product updates Over the Air. A new health check utility has been added to the iVend Configuration Manager to check connectivity to the iVend Updates Server. The iVend Updates Server may be inaccessible due to network security settings. This health check utility will warn the user if connection to the iVend Updates Server cannot be established.

Multi-currency Payments Integration with SAP Business One

With iVend POS 6.2, payments received in foreign currency at the POS can now be integrated to separate G/L accounts in SAP Business One. New sets of configuration settings have been provided in the iVend Add-on to enable this.

Integration of Valid Value type UDFs defined in SAP Business One

Valid Value type UDFs defined in SAP Business One can now be integrated with iVend POS 6.2.

Manager Override on POS

With iVend POS 6.2, following additional Manager Override options have been added:

  • Transaction Mode Change
  • Customer Search
  • Product Search
  • Sale Information Edit
  • Item Information Edit
  • Transaction Search
  • Fulfillment
  • Suspend/Recall
  • Delete Payment

Restrict Price Change on Purchase Order

A new authorization has been added in iVend POS 6.2, to restrict the user from changing the price on Purchase Orders.

CitiXsys Newsletter April 2014

iVend Retail
Personalizing Instore Experience with iVend Mobile POS
Mobilize the Shop Floor

Changing Retail dynamics with Mobility
Mobility in general and specifically in retail has changed the way we consumers go about retailing. It is this ubiquitous nature of mobility that has led to all forward-looking retailers incorporate mobility in their business landscape. There are equal number of retailers who have set aside budgets for mobile initiatives in their businesses.
continue reading..
Download De Vrina Case Study
Driving profitability with integrated retail operations
De Vrina shoes specialises in quality, affordable wedding shoes for ladies, shoe clips and handbags. De Vrina is into design, wholesale and retail distribution of ladies shoes and handbags since the year 2000.
Read More..
Download - Retail Insights
Download – Retail Insights
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Edge Ahead with mobility
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iVend POS
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Dexterity - Mexico
Dexterity – Mexico
Dexterity is an authorized SAP Channel Partner and iVend Retail certified partner for the Mexico region. Strategically located in the city of San Luis Potosi , Dexterity has successfully implemented SAP in the Central, Northern and Shoal of Mexico and South America regions.
Vina System Co. Ltd - Vietnam
Vina System Co. Ltd – Vietnam
Vina System is a 100% foreign investment, established in 2004,’ specializes in consulting and implementing SAP Business One in Vietnam market. Currently, Vina System is a leading SAP partner for SAP Business One implementation and iVend Retail suite of applications in Vietnam with 75% marketshare of SAP Business One and more than 50 successful projects in almost industries of Retail, Distribution, Food, Chemical, Plastics, etc
Recent Customer Wins
Sunglass Warehouse
Sunglass Warehouse
Sunglass Warehouse strives to offer the best prices, best selection, and best service in the sunglass business.” A decade old organization, located in Beaufort, SC is a storehouse of wide range of quality sunglasses starting as low as $15. In addition, the store carries all the brands a demanding consumer might ask for, including Oakley, Maui Jim, RayBan, Costa, Gucci, Prada, Kaenon, Tag Heuer, Coach, and many, many more!
The mission of Distroller is to create and give life to design by creating original products that aim to brighten the soul. Distroller is a unique specialty retailer is constant exploration of new frontiers of Mexican design, where the most original, colorful and fun products speak for themselves; making life a more friendly and light to live. Create designs and products based on the philosophy of seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary concepts side.
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DeVrina – Driving profitability with integrated retail operations

COMPANY : De Vrina

Country: Australia

Industry : Footwear

De Vrina shoes specialises in quality, affordable wedding shoes for ladies, shoe clips and handbags. De Vrina is into design, wholesale and retail distribution of ladies shoes and handbags since the year 2000. They are known for sourcing of the best products and are appreciated for price and quality. De Vrina incepted its retail operations in the year 2000 and have aggressive plans to expand their retail operations in the next two years.


  • Non-integrated retail system
  • Unavailability of clear and consolidated inventory view across stores
  • Several man hours spent in manual preparation of monthly sales and inventory reports
  • Manual replenishment and reorder led to frequent stock outsituations

De Vrina, is a fast-growing brand name in high-end wedding and formal footwear, appointed CitiXsys to implement iVend Retail Management Suite with SAP Business One. One of the biggest challenges that De Vrina had was limited visibility and inadequate reporting of in-store stock and warehouse.

With ambitious plans to grow their business, De Vrina chose iVend Retail Management Suite to manage their retail operations with SAP Business One as backend ERP. The need was to have a system that could manage a fast growing business and be easy to use and maintain with limited IT resources.

The other challenges that prompted management to invest in Retail system included non-integrated and scattered data spread over Store, warehouse and head office. They did not have integration into an ERP connecting retail data. As a result De Vrina could never effectively manage inventories.


iVend Retail with SAP Business One

Benefits :

  • Clear view into Retail operations for effective loss control
  • Unified view of inventory at POS helped in Rapid stock turnaround
  • Synchronized data transfers between Stores and Enterprise ensured operational accuracy
  • Achieved faster order processing

The key to maximizing profits in the Footwear retail industry is to aim for the highest level of optimized business solution and customer satisfaction. iVend Retail with SAP Business One has proven to increase stock accuracy up to 99%, which has led to a sales increase of 5 – 25% averting excess stock and stock out conditions.

Additional benefits of the system:

  • Integration of stores helped in generation of transparent view of Sales, purchase, stock data across stores
  • Necessary inventory and sales data is accessible in real-time across stores
  • Store sales reports can be processed daily, weekly or monthly with ease
  • Ease to set up sales, discount and promotions
  • Promotions and price discount settings have reduced manual entries atthe POS level

“The integration of iVend Retail with SAP Business One has streamlined many business processes that were previously lengthy, manual and cumbersome. Vast improvements in Inventory management and purchasing were realized by the implementation of iVend Retail with SAP Business One. Our Loyalty program has greatly improved the client partnership relationship and in particular is very easy to use.”

Helena Du

DCC S.A. – Efficient retail process to boost business performance

COMPANY : Desarrollos Culturales Costarricenses Corporation’s

Country: Costa Rica, South America

Industry : Book Stores

Costa Rican Cultural Development, DCC S.A. is based in San Jose, Costa Rica. Dedicated to the development of culture,

DCC.SA Case Study

Download Case Study

the company is one of the leading importer, distributor of books, educational products and fine stationery of Costa Rica and Central America.

As a well-established retailer with over 22 retail stores and supplying across the country, DCC wanted to use the advantage of a strong market position to drive business growth. To achieve this objective, the corporation wanted to maximize sales opportunities from its existing customer base, and to expand into other areas of South & Central America.


  • Non-integrated retail system
  • Difficulty in setting up promotions & discounts
  • Inefficient stock monitoring and stock movement
  • Inadequate customer information

With the goal of improving productivity, increase inventory visibility across the retail chain and to increase sales from its existing customers, DCC started searching for an Enterprise Class retail system that could integrate their overall retail business functions.

Managing hundreds of inventory items, DCC was struggling to effectively control the inventory levels and cope with the fast changing demands of their customers.

Managing retail operations with inventory control and good customer service seemed like a complex task since their retail stores were located in different regions of the country.

DCC was keen to analyze sales and inventory performance in real time. The company’s goal was to gather more accurate and timely figures to support decision making.

Their existing legacy system was unable to manage such transaction volumes and was falling short of the expectations.


iVend Retail with SAP Business One

Benefits :

  • Standardized business processes based on industry best practices
  • Enhanced Inventory Control
  • Improved customer service
  • Ease to setup and monitor discounts and promotions
  • Faster order processing

iVend Retail Management Suite has helped DCC integrate their retail operations across all 22 stores spread across the country. The solution helps DCC stay connected with collaborative insights to his business operations.

iVend Retail Management Suite delivers up to date visibility of stock across the retail chain extending complete stock visibility across the retail chain.

DCC’s legacy point of sale (POS) and back-end applications were hindering the company’s attempts to streamline its business processes to access timely and accurate business information.

iVend Retail Management Suite, a complete Retail Management Suite seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One was the solution set that addressed all the business expectations of DCC.

“Yes, we improved importantly the time of attention to customer at the register, we now have more information about the transactions and the promotions are set up quicker, training and induction of new employees is now faster due to the iVend’s user friendly interface

Marco Montoya,
Financial Manager

CitiXsys Newsletter March 2014

iVend Retail
Integrated eCommerce Solution for Real-time Shopping Experience
iVend eCommerce - Anytime. Anywhere
Online Trends Predicted for Year 2014
Sales from eCommerce portals are steadily gaining an upward trend and steadily becoming a significant portion to total retail sales. The contribution percentage of eCommerce sales is increasing at a much higher rate than retail sales in general boosting retail sales. eCommerce is also complementing in-store sales, transforming consumer experiences. The current trend will continue and eCommerce sales will eventually become an imperative and a must have for any retailer.
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Fiscal Printer Integration
Woo customers digitally
The onset of digital era started a decade ago, and retail has undergone a complete makeover since then. The smartphone revolution has completely altered the way people shop today.
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Download – Retail Insights
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NRF 2014 Video
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Eliason Consulting Group - United States
Eliason Consulting Group – United States
Eliason Consulting group is partner that aims to be the business engine by which 100,000 SMEs adapt innovative, integrated management systems of performance excellence that generates results. They are working ahead and want SME retailers in the region to adopt iVend Retail, the innovative, integrated retail solution and help them succeed and decrease stress.
VTM2 - Canada
VTM2 – Canada
VTM2 Technologies Inc. is a leader in the field of information technology for projects related to the management of enterprises. Our partner has a team with diverse experience in field of IT and accounting. VTM2 has a mission is to be a leader among SMEs in the process of selection, implementation, training and support for retail applications and other software accounting applications.
Recent Customer Wins
Addide started operations in March 2008 with the pioneer store, Akoka offering a selection of national brand grocery items, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and cosmetics. Today the chain operates as one of the fastest growing convenience-store chains in Nigeria under the Addide banner, with twelve stores in just three years,(with plans to increase to twenty within the next five years of operation) strategically located in medium income neighborhoods in Lagos State.
Fernandes Bakkerij NV
Fernandes Bakkerij NV
Fernandes Group is one of the largest company chain of bakeries in Surinam,with approximately 1,100 employees, a wide variety of activities and a high social status. Fernandes is an automated Bakery that mastered the bread and pastry category in Suriname. Their continuous attention to ensure quality improvements for years and a strong consumer base are the main attributes to the success.
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Invitation to Retail’s Biggest Party in 2014

NRF 2014 blog

CitiXsys invites you at NRF and experience how iVend Retail Management Suite can help your business turn profitable and your customers happier. Thousands of stores in over 45+ countries are running iVend Retail from CitiXsys and are more profitable and efficient.

Retail industry has matured over the years and grown exponentially but retailers have found it difficult to keep up with the pace of modernization and automation required at the systems level. Home grown solutions, legacy systems and proprietary systems within the ecosystem of the retailers have resulted in inefficient and disconnected systems.

CitiXsys enhances the whole retail management experience by combining cutting edge technologies and the best practices prevalent in the industry in its iVend Retail Management suite. The application suite not only treats the entire landscape as single holistic enterprise but also seamlessly integrates the key functions of retail through iVend Loyalty, iVend eCommerce, iVend Mobility and iVend Analytics that are integral parts of the suite.

Be sure to stop by and visit us at Booth #3539 to:

Learn how to enhance customer’s shopping experience and maximizing returns to the retailer’s investment How integrated Retail management solutions can help retailer’s improve efficiency How digital passes negate the need to have plastic gift cards, loyalty cards, gift coupons ad help them engage with customers and simultaneously Go Green. Benefits of having a flexible Mobile POS that operates with a common view of inventory, order management, payments etc. in both Online and offline mode Strategies to enable Retailers of all sizes to deliver a mobile integrated Instore Experience through Android and iOS devices

Retail’s Biggest Show begins on 13th January 2014 and CitiXsys gives you a chance to Grab your free Expo pass worth $750 here.

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AOC – Streamlined Retail Operations and a simple and smooth sales process


Country : Angola & UAE

Industry : Electronics

AOC is a private company operating in the telecommunications market since 2004 in Angola/UAE. The philosophy of the brand AOC has been developed since 2007 with a focus on the distribution and retail of high quality mobile handsets and allied accessories.


In last five years AOC has stated its success and is now one of the leading retailers, stimulating the market in their approach to users. AOC is a young and rapidly expanding company with people of high responsibility and motivation to become one of the strongest brands in this market. Facilitating communication,and as our motto states, ‘DRIVING MOBILITY’.

AOC is an Angola and UAE based enterprise, they currently have 8 storesoperational in Angola and have recently opened their new store in Ras AlKhaimah, UAE.


  • Non-integrated data management
  • Invoicing and extraction of financial data was time consuming
  • Needed a reliable retail management system with streamlined inventory view
  • Process to generate financial reports was complex
  • Manual synchronization of data from store to enterprise led to errors

AOC was previously using a home grown legacy system that began as an accounting system and was then developed into an ERP. Continually after using it for over a period of time our client felt the need to have an efficient system that was flexible, feature rich and powerful.

AOC was facing trouble tracking real time business statistics, also they did not have clear visibility across financial data and also had concerns regarding financial reporting. The major challenge that new system was expected to address was elimination of manual trial balance entries and extraction of report data. The management team at AOC wanted to have a seamless integration between store operations and back office financials.

For managed Retail operations at the store and managed data warehousing, AOC needed software which seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One and iVend Retail Management system seemed a perfect solution for all their requirements.


iVend Retail with SAP Business One

Benefits :

  • Increased employee efficiency with integrated back office processes
  • Real-time inventory visibility
  • Synchronized data transfers between Stores & enterprise for data accuracy
  • Achieved faster order processing & flexible promotion management

Post implementation of the new system AOC has a well-managed inventory with the ability to synchronize transactional information to and fro from their main servers, their retail structure always demanded such precision, which they could well achieve with iVend Retail and Business One.

AOC has successfully streamlined their current processes, iVend Retail’s seamless integration with SAP Business One being the key. The simplicity of the layout makes their sales process quick and effective.

iVend Retail Solution from CitiXsys is set up very well across all our entire stores to handle complex sales processes, promotions, offers & inventory and to schedule deliveries at a macro level. The product implementation & support team is very willing to  work with us. The best part is the extensive feature set of the product that suits our line of business (Electronics Vertical), which is complex and different from the other Retail businesses.”

Yaseen Aljaizani,
Co-Founder and CEO

Specialty Retailers turn Customer Centric and Profitable with Mobility

Specialty Retail

The hype-to-reality transition of mobility in retail has been the fastest in the recent times. Ever since Apple started using mobile devices in their stores, which was not too long ago, retailers started taking notice. Today retailers expect the same level of customer experience that one would experience in an Apple store.iVend Mobile POS

Retail Applications like iVend Retail along with retail hardware providers have come a long way in providing complete solutions on mobile devices of different sizes and operating systems.

One of the Forbes reports pegs mobile in retail today to be US $5.7 Billion business and it is the single fastest growing trend.

Mobile POS has a pertinent significance in the context of Specialty Retailers having niche retail businesses like footwear, bookstores, wine & liquor stores, electronic stores, etc.

Retail Real-Estate Optimization, Customer Experience and Faster Business Expansion are some of the critical business drivers for Specialty Retailers. Mobile POS extends to these retailers unprecedented flexibility to effectively address these critical business needs.

Take for example the need for a retailer to open another retail store in an upmarket mall. With mobile POS directly connected to the head office servers, the retailer does not require to setup expensive IT infrastructure in his new retail store. All that is required is a mobile POS, which can also double up as a communication device.

Similarly, flexibility to increase checkout points on the fly is another feature that merits deployment of mobile POS by Specialty Retailers. Customer Experience, Special Attention and Preferential Treatment are some of the cornerstones of a Specialty Retailer And one of the ways a retailer can extend these to the customer is by eliminating the check out time. Mobile POS, given its ‘mobility’ ensures that there is never a queue at the check out point; infact there need not be any check out point – why should a customer walk to a designated area for checking out?

Any retailer would like to pamper his customer and what better way to do so by letting him know through notifications about his gift card status, coupon status and loyalty status by sending out a sophisticated, non-interfering, personal digital pass. All this when the customer is in the vicinity of the retail store.Digital Passes

Seamless integration of iVend Mobile POS with iVend Loyalty and iVend Passes, allows the retailer to extend the most sophisticated end customer experience to his customers.

As a result, specialty retailers are deploying about 45% of all tablets shipped to retail for POS. They are most popular in small independent retailers of all types and large mall-based specialty chains.

To know more about iVend Retail Management Suite and especially iVend Mobile POS, please visit our Knowledge Portal. You may also like to get in touch with our Channel Sales Manager to get more information about iVend Retail.

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