Sell More SAP Business One to Retailers


Global retail sales, which declined in year 2009, have seen an upward trend; it is worth noting that sales of the global retail industry have doubled since 2003. However, the economic upheaval brought a massive change in nature of consumers and their shopping preferences. The new age customer is smart, knowledgeable, techsavvy & mobile.

Technology plays an important role in catering to the needs of this new age customer, so that retailers are in a better position to improve operations, drive growth, and boost profitability.

In our three part series we will be discussing mid market retailers who would prefer to have SAP Business One as their core accounting application and would also like to have an integrated Retail Management Application to improve their process efficiencies and profits.

Speakers and Panelists

Paula Goncalves

Director – Channel (APAC)
paula.goncalves [at]
Paula Photo

Steve Tuszynski

Director – Channel (Americas)
steve.tuszynski [at]

Fernando Arana

Manager Sales (Latin America)
fernando.arana [at]
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Manish Chaturvedi

Vice President – Product Marketing
manish.chaturvedi [at]

What to expect after you attend the webinar series.

1. Sell solutions to Retailers more effectively.

Gain that competitive edge over the competition. SAP Business One and iVend Retail Management Suite together offer a compelling business proposition for the retailers to increase their profits. Modular, scalable and easy to implement SAP Business One and iVend Retail is the appropriate application suite for mid-market retailers.

2. Become an iVend Certified Sales Consultant (Online test follows the webinars)

Being an iVend Certified Sales Consultant will get you numerous benefits. Not only will you be able to close a deal by effective positioning, you will also help your company get better margins. Effective positioning will ensure faster and correct implementation, which in turn will ensure a happy & satisfied customer. You will of course have to attend all the three webinars.

3. Become eligible to get SPIFF (Macbook to iPad)

Sales of CitiXsys licenses enables your company for MDF. This webinar will enable you to become an iVend Certified Sales Consultant  and once certified you will qualify for SPIFF (Sales Person Incentive Fund). A direct acknowledgement of your efforts. Prizes from Macbook to iPad to be won. (Please get in touch with your CitiXsys Channel Manager for more details)

Webinar 1 – How to Position SAP Business One to Retailers?

Retail business isn’t just about selling a product at the lowest price; it is about running the entire system profitably & efficiently. To gain profitability one needs a system where each department & business process works cohesively and in tandem by sharing information, which is relevant and real time to take effective decisions.

SAP Business One with iVend Retail offers an Integrated, well managed & centralized system for Retail which manages sales, Tracks inventory, Monitors customer demand, Coordinates promotions, and view supplier schedules.

In this webinar you will learn

  • How to gain accurate access to all critical, up-to-the-minute business information with SAP Business One & iVend Retail?
  • How to serve your customers faster & better, with a complete view of their previous transactions?
  • How to take proactive control of your retail business by providing information through unified views of data to prevent conflicting interpretations and decisions
  • Streamline your operations by seamlessly integrating key business processes such as sales, purchasing, inventory, and financials together out-of-the-box, eliminating redundant data entries and errors

Webinar 2 – Retain Customers with integrated eCommerce and Loyalty

Modern day customers demand choice and 24 X7 accessibility. Today an Online Store has an equal or more importance to a traditional Brick & Mortar Store because of the monumental shift in customer’s buying behavior. Though retailers have been quick to notice and implement platforms for multichannel retailing, it’s been a challenge for many retailers to merge these distinct channels into a centralized platform, through which they can develop a comprehensive view of the customer and reward them, engage with them & hence retain them.

Having an on-line presence has more to it than just an ability to integrate web orders into SAP Business One.

Integrated eCommerce with Loyalty application on a unified platform shall empower retailers to provide the personalized rewards consumers desire and engage them at every step of their shopping journey – online, in-store, social, and mobile.

The attendees to this Webinar learn

  • How to expand your business and customers with e-commerce & m-commerce capabilities?
  • How to convert your e-store into an extension to your existing sales channel?
  • How to incorporate both B2B & B2C capabilities on a single portal?
  • How to increase customer footfalls & Basket size with a loyalty program

Webinar 3 – Retail Scenarios and Solutions – How to Win Deals!

Considering the organized retail segment, the requirements & specifications of automation vary as per the category of retail, We broadly classify Retail in to three verticals

  • Large format – Multi brand retail stores
  • Specialty Retail – Multi location, smaller format stores
  • Hospitality Retail – Quick serve stores.

In this Webinar we shall explain how SAP business One &iVend Retail can address to the day today challenges that these retail verticals face & smoothens their operations.

The attendees of this Webinar will learn

  • What are the challenges and expectations that retailers have from an integrated solution?
  • How does SAP Business One and iVend Retail help address these challenges?
  • How does iVend Retail help retailers to scale their business operations?
  • Complementary solutions in the iVend Retail Management Suite specifically for these retail verticals

Being GoToWebinar sessions, you will have to individually register to the webinars